Vases and night lights

6 vases of various designs along with a frog to make floral arrangements easy and beautiful, even with only three flowers. Vases are available in two sizes.

5 night lights on a base of porcelain or wood (your choice of light maple or black walnut).

3 smaller night lights for an even softer ambience.
400. Vase and frog "stripes"
401. Vase and frog "barb wire"
402. Vase and frog "foliage"
403. Vase and frog "trillium"
404. Vase and frog "wheat"
405. Vase and frog "frost"
406. Soliflor
450. Night light "wheat"
451. Night light "foliage"
452. Night light "trillium"
453. Night light "spider web"
454. Night light "flowers"
461. Small night light "flowers"
462. Small night light "wisteria"
463. Small night light "cattails"