Table AccessoriesThere is no love sincerer than the love of food.

George Bernard Shaw
200. Butter dish
200-FE. Butter dish, "foliage" decor
201. Creamer
202. Sugar bowl and lid
203. Salt and pepper shaker
204. Condiment server
205. Spoon
206. Foie gras terrine
207. Small oval dish
207-FE. Small oval dish, "foliage" decor
208. Rectangular plate
208-FE. Rectangular plate, "foliage" decor
209. Round serving plate
209-FE. Round serving plate, "foliage" decor
210. Small square plate
210-FE. Small square plate, "foliage" decor
210-IN. Small square plate, "initials" decor
211. Medium square plate
212. Large square plate
212-FE. Large square plate, "foliage" decor
213. Cake pedestal
213-FE. Cake pedestal, "foliage" decor
214. Cassolette
215. Ramekin
216. Vegetable dish
216-FE. Vegetable dish, "foliage" decor
216-FL. Vegetable dish, "flower" decor
216-ST. Vegetable dish, "stripes" decor
217. Lid for vegetable dish
218. Fruit bowl
218-FE. Fruit bowl, "foliage" decor
219. Salad bowl
219-FE. Salad bowl, "foliage" decor
219-FL. Salad bowl, "flower" decor
219-ST. Salad bowl, "stripes" decor
220. Teapot
220-FE. Teapot, "foliage" decor
220-FL. Teapot, "flower" decor
221. Goblet
221-ST. Goblet, "stripes" decor
222. Glass (ice wine, saké, vodka...)
222-ST. Glass (ice wine, sake, vodka...), "stripes" decor
223. Chocolate bowl, lid, whip and two goblets
224. Tasting bowl
225. Small multi-function bowl and lid
226. Large multi-function bowl and lid
227. Large serving platter
227-CI. Large serving platter, "quotation" decor
227-FE. Large serving platter, "foliage" decor
227-ST. Large serving platter, "stripes" decor
228. Mug "St-Hilaire" collection
228-FE. Mug "St-Hilaire" collection, "foliage" decor
228-FL. Mug St-Hilaire collection, "flower" decor
229. Sauceboat
229-FE. Sauceboat, "foliage" decor
231. Oval serving plate
231-FE. Oval serving plate, "foliage" decor
232. Berry bowl and plate, "flower" decor
233. Oval water pitcher
234. Large rectangular serving platter
234-FE. Large rectangular serving platter, "foliage" decor
235. Small rectangular serving platter
235-FE. Small rectangular serving platter, "foliage" decor
236. Square serving plate
236-FE. Square serving plate, "foliage" decor
237. Rectangular serving plate
237-FE. Rectangular serving plate, "foliage" decor