Clémence DesRochers Collection

Clémence DesRochers really knows how to rhyme, to sing, to write and to play the comedian. But did you know that she is also quite the artist?
CLÉ01A-G. Large square plate
CLÉ01A-M. Medium square plate
CLÉ01A-P. Small square plate
CLÉ01B-G. Large square plate
CLÉ01B-M. Medium square plate
CLÉ01B-P. Square plate
CLÉ01C-G. Large square plate
CLÉ01C-M. Medium square plate
CLÉ01C-P. Square plate
CLÉ01D-G. Large square plate
CLÉ01D-M. Medium square plate
CLÉ01D-P. Square plate
CLÉ02A. Rectangular plate
CLÉ02B. Rectangular plate
CLÉ02C. Rectangular plate
CLÉ02D. Rectangular plate
CLÉ03A. Espresso set (6)
CLÉ03B. Espresso set
CLÉ03C. Espresso set
CLÉ03D. Espresso set
CLÉ03E. Espresso set
CLÉ03F. Espresso set
CLÉ03G. Espresso set
CLÉ04. Coffee mug
CLÉ05. Pasta bowl
CLÉ06A. Pin tray
CLÉ06B. Pin tray
CLÉ06C. Pin tray
CLÉ06D. Pin tray
CLÉ07A. Vase and frog
CLÉ07B. Vase and frog
CLÉ07C. Vase and frog